Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas, here we come!

So, now we can officially bring out the Christmas decor, and turn on the Christmas music! My favorite time of year. Me and the 2 older boys headed downtown for the Light the City festivities. Along with Grandma, Grandpa, Krissy and her children, and Breez and Jina. We took the train into the city. First stop, the Old World Christmas Market. We mostly enjoyed a German shop that had authentic German food. The boys and I shared a spretzla. T inhaled it! Next stop (and we saw temple square along the way) was the Gateway. They had a nice program, and then lit their tree, and the lights went to music. Finally we got a real meal at Rumbi, and then got back on the train and headed home. What a fun evening to welcome in the Christmas spirit.

There was a really fun piano concert, and the pianist threw out balls. This Grandma made sure her Grandkids got a ball. I wish you all could have seen it, it was great!

Thanksgiving 2008

Thanksgiving was surprisingly wonderful. I was cooking dinner, so I thought it may be a bit of a drag. But, D took the 2 older boys to a movie, and little D slept most of the time they were gone, so I was able to cook undisturbed (which is one of my favorite things), and reflect on all that I am thankful for. It was wonderful! We had lunch at 1:30pm with our family along with Granny, Grandma, Grandpa, and Jason (our renter). It was really nice. M shared a presentation about Thanksgiving that he had made at school. After lunch and a load of dishes, while everyone was resting, I went out and cleaned out my rose garden (this is what I see out my kitchen window at the sink, and it has been driving me nuts!) So, again, I love doing yard work, undisturbed. Later that evening we went to D's parent's house for a casual dinner, and of course, a good football game.

A New Neice/Cousin

On Nov. 10th we gained a new niece/cousin into our family...Ava. She was born at 3:30 am, so we saw her later that day. The children were only allowed to see her through a window (this was torture to M), so I promised to take M back a week or so later when she was home. She lives 2 hours away, so a little bit of a trek, but close enough to see her every once in a while. M and I helped baby sit, while Mom and Dad went on a date. M loved it, he would just hold her and watch her sleep. Her little noises and expressions would crack him up.