Thursday, October 16, 2008

I miss my camera

Fun day, but no camera. I am so sad. I left my camera plugged into the USB port over night after uploading pictures to our blog from our trip. For some reason it won't turn on now. Yes, I did relpace the batteries, but it is still dead. So, in those 2 days both days I missed it:

Yesterday while max was in school the rest of us met Natasha and Uri Gushen and Gerald and Mona Sherwood for lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. Natasha and Uri are friends of ours that are visiting from Russia. They are so fun to be with. Such wonderful people. They are so kind to everyone. Ty loved them right off the bat. He was playing games with Uri as we were driving to lunch, and held his hand in the parking lot. Natasha was sitting next to Drake in the car, and she had him laughing and holding her hand. Such wonderful people, we just love them. And the Sherwoods too. Gerald was full of a lot of jokes, and so good to the children too. But, no pictures of these wonderful people.

Today Max started his fall break. We, along with the Higbee's (Lori, Vienna, Kael, Saxon, and Cashe) went and got lunch and took it to the park. The weather was wonderful! Lori and I had fun having adult conversation, and the kids had a blast playing. Then we went to The Aquarium. The kids always get really excited about going and it was really fun having friends there with them. After that we stopped by IKEA. We went through it as fast as we could and got some fun things. We got an ice cream when we were done. Then, we headed home for a game party. BYU vs. TCU. This ended up being a bad game. Dave left after the first quarter to get a video. Ya, that means it was really bad. But, Uncle Breez came and brought Wingers wings. The food was great, the game, not so much.

Tomorrow Max, Drake, and I are heading to Idaho with Aunt Kara and Alex. Kara is doing a jewelry party, and my cousin Keitra happens to be having a baby shower then also, so we are tagging along so we can catch the shower. Ty isn't coming because there is no room. So, he and Dad will have fun.

Monday, October 13, 2008

No Photos, No Fun!

If you are noticing that I finally blogged, I would hold off until tomorrow to read it. There is an issue with adding images right now, so I will try again tomorrow. I know when I read blogs I enjoy the pictures almost as much or more. So, they are to come.

VACATION TO CALI! October 2008

This summer our boys were derpived of a full blown family vacation. Mostly because of our move and working on our basement. We took several little 3 day weekend trips, but that's it. So, we decided to join Eric and their family in CA for their family vacation. It was a super fun trip for the children, and of course, we had fun too.
We drove so we could stop in Vegas and see family and friends. On our way we had dinner with our friends at Peter Piper Pizza. Dal, Nik, Dave, and I visited, and the children had fun playing and winning tickets, for those, oh so awesome, prizes you can earn. We went and stayed with our cousin's The Johnson's. The kids had fun playing with their children, and almost as much fun playing with their new dog. At one point K, Drake, and Ty were in the dog crate. Steph was right on it with a photo, but my camera was in the trunk. We also stopped at their house on the way back. Steph and Jeff made a wonderful dinner, then Steph and I and some of her friends went out for girl's night. It was a blast! And, of course, I didn't have my camera. Steph did a great blog about it, click on the my oh my blog on my blog list if you want to get the run down on that. It was fun!

Palm Springs!

This is when we met up with Eric and Ang and their, oh so cool, family. We enjoyed being with them, swimming, The Living Desert, and playing at the park. Drake is enjoying the mysters at The Living Desert.

Heading to the Beach Cities

Today we got the condo all cleaned up and headed for Santa Monica. Before we got there we met Auntie Anne and Uncle Duane for lunch at Lucille's BBQ. Anne and Duane picked the perfect place. It was family friendly, and Yummy! We had so much fun visiting and hearing about their children and Grandchild. They are so much fun.

At Santa Monica we walked the Pier, then went to the Promenade. For those who don't know, this is one of my boy's favorite things in Cali. It is a walking only street a few blocks from the Pier, and there are a lot of fun street entertainers. Unfortunately it was a little rainy, so there wasn't as many as usual, but still plenty to have fun. Max's favorite was a Russian boy and his dad that did amazing gymnastic/circus type stuff. There 3 favorite entertainers there, weren't there this time because of the rain.

A Day at the Beach

Thismorning we had breakfast with many of Dave's family members. His Mom and
Dad happened to be in CA along with his brother Ron and his family. We were so excited to see them for that morning, then they left for a cruise. Also there (hopefully I don't forget anyone), was; Wilda, Gladys, Sara, Ryan, and Rebecca (and there son to be). It is always fun catching up with family.

Nothing better than perfect weather at Huntington Beach Pier. We all loved it! The kids could have stayed until sun down, but we called it quits earlier to make sure we got baths, dinner, and bed early to gear up for our big day tomorrow. We had some yummy fish and chips for Dinner.

Next stop Disneyland!

Saving the best for last! A day at Disneyland. Both boys said that Space Mountain was their favorite. This is a change for Max because last time we could barely get him to go on Pirates of The Caribbean, and Ty surprising liked Space Mountain the best also. He was barely tall enough, and got measured at every check point, but loved it! They rode it several times. This was also Drake's first time to Disneyland. He soaked up every minute of it, and was exhausted, as were all of us, at the end of the day.

It was so fun being there for Eric, and his children's first time also (Ang has been before, but it was super fun being there with her also). It really is "the happiest place on earth"! We kept reminding the kids of that if they got grouchy.