Friday, November 21, 2008

Lori's Tag

The rules to this tag are that you have to go take the pictures right now, no straightening or anything! I did this tag for 3 reasons: 1-A good friend tagged me, and she said she had fun doing it. 2-I got a new camera and wanted to practice with it (you will see I need to do a lot more practicing). 3-I really would like to see all of your pictures. Well, maybe not you would put me to shame. Actually all of you would put me to shame. So, I would love to see all of you do this too, but am not asking you to. Only if you want to.

#1 Favorite Room

I actually have 2 that are for opposite reasons. The first room because it is our quiet, always clean room. We read, have family night lessons, and talk with each other and friends there. The kids probably would not agree with this being a favorite because it is also where they get to take time out.

And this room because it is where we spend most of our time. Ya, only about 1/8 of my day qualifies for the quiet room. Or not at all some days. But, this is where we play, hang out, watch movies and T.V.

#2 What are your kids doing right now?
Well, this is what they were doing when I was shooting the pictures. Little D was chasing a ball around and crawling under the table to get it. He is now downstairs in T and M's room playing with T and his friend.

T was coming down from the loft where he had dressed up as a goblin.
M is at school.

#3 My Closet!

Yikes. We moved into our house about 5 months ago. I did the initial unpacking, but have never gone through and organized our closet since. Embarrassing to say the least. so, here you have it.

#4 My favorite pair of shoes.

Once again, I have 2, a summer favorite and a winter favorite. These are the shoes I slip on and run out of the house in. They are by my garage door (the Uggs in the winter and the crocs in the summer). They are probably also the 2 ugliest pairs of shoes I own. I will have to get some new crocs before summer. I did painting downstairs in them and so now they will need to be replaced.

#5 My Laundry Room.

In my case I don't know if you can call it a room. It is a hall/mud room. but, I am happy to have laundry upstairs too!

#6 Guest bathroom.

This actually shows the real colors. The other ones I was having camera issues.

This is a picture that my sister in law helped me make. It actually hangs vertically, but i forgot to flip it before uploading.

#7 Kitchen Sink

This is nothing special except for the beautiful view of the mountains out the window. Well, I had to shut the shutters because I couldn't get the picture to turn out otherwise.

#8 Refrigerator
Way past due for a cleaning, or organizing it would be a good thing too (maybe I should actually be doing that then this, ha ha).

#9 Self
Right now! When I had read the tag and was taking my pictures...yikes, this is what my husband wakes up to each morning. Sorry you have to see it too.

So wow! Not only did I learn a little bit more about my camera, I also learned a little more about blogging and adding more then a couple of pictures (without just making separate posts). Thanks for the tutorial Lori! And, now I am a little more motivated to get to the projects I have been putting off for 5 months! IKEA, here I come.

There is a lot of space that I can't seem to get rid of after this post. So, there are more posts about a mile down the page.

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am serious about the offer. (Lori, it is still open, and if not, we will do a smaller trip). I want to go to Paris really badly. D took a trip without me last November (I chose not to go), and so he keeps reminding me that I get my girl trip. I think all of you would say that you want to go, but if you are really serious about it, let me know. I am thinking around the end of March or April. I am also thinking it will be around $1000 for a week with the rough checking I have done. You know you want to, just do it!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Friday, November 7, 2008

Our Ty Guy!

Ty is our little comedian and he doesn't even try to be. When he gets us laughing though he looks really proud. The other day he was sitting next to me at the table drawing, and asked me "Mom, do you think ghosts poop in the sky?" My first reaction was to tell him to not use potty talk (which he is really into these days), then I hear Dave start to laugh, and I realized this was an honest question. I could see Ty's wheels turning and trying to figure out if poop would be falling out of the sky or what. So, I kept my face as straight as possible, and explained that they don't have a body, so they don't have to poop. That answer satisfied him, and he went on drawing his picture of ghosts flying in the sky (with no poop falling).